Fingerboard 1

This is our big fingerboard, made with out training texture so you can pull on it all day long.

It has a pair of big warm up jugs on the top, 3 sets of four finger pockets, which are all of varying depth and difficulty. 2 sets of two finger pockets.

There are two concave slopers on the top and one big boss in the middle to help gain open handed strength.

The thread in the middle, helps you isolate one arm, so you can pull on any of the pockets and the thread or just train for lock offs with the thread.

Its also a good place to tie a bungy to, to help you train through the burn.


Its about two foot wide by a foot tall and sticks out about 4inches



To pick the colour use the drop down menu above the price. It will only let you select colours that are in stock.