We make custom made bouldering wall landing areas to any shape and size in a number of different densities. 

Everything is made in house at our workshop, we have been making matting now for 24 YEARS and we are the leaders in climbing/bouldering specific matting, that is designed specifically for feet first landing.

Our matting is made up of a sandwich of two densities of foam, made up of a super dense firm top layer, which makes it easier to walk on and prevents ankle roll. Which is bonded to a super impact absorbing base layer. Having this extra layer prolongs the life of your matting.   This has been carefully selected for its impact absorption and resilience for repeated use over the past 17 years of developing our product. A lot of our competitors do not add this layer, which is why they appear cheaper. We know what happens to the structure of foam over a prolonged period of time. The top 100mm layer takes a lot of the impact, this breaks down the cell structure in the foam, making it go soft. Our bonded top layer stays firm, giving you a flat landing zone each time, unlike bare foam, which tends to grab your feet and causes ankle injuries.

We were the first company to introduce the carpet-topped matting system. Our system gives you one uniform finish with no gap or unsightly joining bandages on top that are a trip hazard. The advantages of adding carpet is it is a lot easier to keep clean, you do is vac it, it keeps chalk pollution down in your centre.


Our carpet is available in 7 colours. We have a wide range of colours for the PVC covers

The matting is delivered in modular blocks that have PVC covers on them. They are joined together with webbing reinforced PVC backed velcro strips that neatly cover the joins between the mats. giving a flat and even landing surface. The carpet is then laid in the opposite direction to the mat joins making it a super strong landing area that we know works, as we have fitted and tested it on more climbing centres than another manufacturer.

Everything is made off site and installed in a day.


Our matting is made from combustion modified high resilient foam with a top layer of closed cell polyethylene foam, which are fire retardant to BS5852 Part 2 Ignition source 5 which are enclosed in PVC covers, made from PVC coated Nylon flame resistant to:

      • BS5867 part 2 1980 type B
      • BS5438 1989 Methods 2a+2b
      • BS5665 Part 2 1989
      • CEN71 Part 2 1988
      • BS7837 1996

Our matting system conforms to EN standards and importantly has been impact tested and is certified to conform to NF P 90-311.


Ordering information:
Email your dimensions to info@holdz.co.uk for a quote.
Over the last 24 years we have fitted more bouldering matting that any other company, we know how our matting performs over years of use.
Which is why we offer a 5 year guarantee on our matting.
We offer a five-year warranty against any issues arising from faulty materials or craftsmanship. This means if your matting experiences defects or malfunctions due to our production process, we'll happily repair or replace it within the warranty period. However, please note that normal wear and tear is not covered under the warranty.



Here are some of our past jobs :-
  • The Works, Sheffield
  • Durham Bouldering Centre
  • The Climbing Academy, Bristol
  • UK Boulders, Cardiff
  • The Castle, London
  • The Climb, Amersham
  • Cliffhanger, Sheffield
  • Redpoint Climbing Centre, Birmingham
  • Manchester Climbing Centre
  • K2, Crawley
  • Craggy Island
  • Bangor University
  • The Matrix, Sheffield
  • The Foundry
  • Mile End (Monkey Room)
  • Westway, London
  • The Climbing Depot, Leeds
  • University of Surrey
  • University of Hatfield
  • University of Aberystwyth
  • The Reach, London
  • The Northwest Face
  • The Leeds Wall
  • Big Rock Climbing Centre
  • Pinncale Rock
  • Harrogate Climbing Centre
  • Lakeland Climbing Centre
  • The Climbing Station
  • Solid Rock, Oxford Brookes
  • The Crag
  • Lancaster University
  • High Sports, Redhill
  • High Sports, Crystal Palace
  • High Sports, Central London
  • High Sports, Crawley
  • High Sports, West One
  • Kempston Outdoor Centre
  • Rock Court, Brighton
  • Aberrocks
  • Gravity Bouldering Centre - Dublin
  • Liverpool University
  • Awesome walls - Dublin
  • Awesome walls - Cork
  • Birmingham Bouldering Centre
  • The Tower Leicester
  • The Lock
  • The Climbing Unit 
  • Langores Climbing Centre
  • Nottingham Climbing Centre (training room & main bouldering wall)
  • Many jobs for the military
  • Many school walls
  • We also manufacture for all the members of CWMA


Hanging matting

Our hanging mats are the perfect solution for climbing walls built in sports halls.  The mats are fixed to the wall when the climbing wall is not in use, giving the wall a protective cover if people run into it during 5 a side football.

These can be made in any of the above colours. 

Email us for a quote.


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