HOLDZ® was born in 2000 from a climber's desire for a better indoor climbing experience. Founder Steve Goodair, with over 28 years of experience in climbing hold design and manufacturing, saw a gap in the market. He envisioned holds that offered a more realistic and engaging climbing experience, replicating the natural textures and challenges found outdoors, that could be translated to indoor climbing.

Driven by this passion, Steve embarked on a five-year journey, traveling the globe and shaping climbing walls of all kinds. He personally set countless routes, experimenting with various hold types and installations. This experience, combined with his design expertise, fueled his mission to create superior climbing holds.

HOLDZ® stands out for its commitment to innovation and collaboration. Steve works closely with leading route setters, incorporating their insights and needs into the design process. This collaborative approach has resulted in several industry firsts, including the introduction of PU resin, hollow-backed holds, and the first dual-texture designs 20 years ago in the UK market.

Today, HOLDZ® remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and crafting climbing holds that inspire and challenge climbers of all levels.


All our holds are fitted with our Safety system, which is an extra guarantee should a hold accidentally break only very small pieces will break off, the big parts of the hold will stay on the wall with the bolt. Most hold breakages are broken during installation. 

All our new shapes have dual bolt washers so they can take a caphead or countersunk bolts. We are slowly swapping all our old shapes so they can accommodate both bolts.

 We have 8 standard colours and 4 florescent colours. All the holds in stock are solid colours. We can make up any combinations of colours in either spots or swirls, plus two layers. We don't hold any colour combinations in stock, they are all made to order. We also make UV stable colours for outdoor use, but these are only made on request for outdoor use, as normal colours may fade over time in direct sunlight.