HOLDZ® was founded in 2000 by Steve Goodair.  Steve has worked at the forefront of climbing hold design and manufacture for the past 25 years and he has carved holds for many of the top climbing wall manufacturers such as DR climbing walls, Bendcrete, French Rock and King Kong Climbing Walls and Rockwerx.

In addition to designing and carving holds, Steve spent five years travelling worldwide designing, making and installing many different types of bespoke climbing walls having set thousands of indoor routes on all types of climbing wall using many different types of bolt on hold.

Steve was uninspired by the range and quality of the holds available on the market. He therefore decided to create his own range of holds which were more realistic to an 'outdoor' experience of climbing, he did this by improving on the design and texture of the holds making you think about how to use them. He works closely with some of the top route setters in the country and incorporates their ideas and needs into his range. HOLDZ® were the first company in the UK to use PU resin and make hollow backed holds as well as dual texture holds.


All our holds are fitted with our Safety system, which is an extra guarantee should a hold accidentally break only very small pieces will break off, the big parts of the hold will stay on the wall with the bolt. Most hold breakages are broken during installation. 

All our new shapes have dual bolt washers so they can take caphead or countersunk bolts. We are slowly swapping all our old shapes so they can accommodate both bolts.

 We have 8 standard colours and 4 florescent colours. All the holds in stock are solid colours. We can make up any combinations of colours in either spots or swirls, plus two layers. We don't hold any colour combinations in stock, they are all made to order. We also make UV stable colours for outdoor use, but these are only made on request for outdoor use, as normal colours may fade over time in direct sunlight.