13mm Auger bit


The 13mm auger bit is the quickest and best way to drill hundreds of clean holes through 18mm plywood. Made from hardened high carbon steel, this bit is durable and long-lasting. The hexagonal shank fits into most power drills and the fine pitch spiral ensures a smooth, even drilling process. The single spur and deep gullet provide excellent chip clearance, preventing clogging and making it easy to remove the bit from the hole.


  • 13mm diameter
  • Hardened high carbon steel
  • Hexagonal shank
  • Fine pitch spiral
  • Single spur
  • Deep gullet


  • Drills clean, smooth holes through 18mm plywood
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Fits most power drills and hand braces
  • Smooth, even drilling process
  • Excellent chip clearance
  • Easy to remove from the hole